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  • What is the best rug for people that have dust allergies?

    Flat weave rugs are recommended for people with dust allergies. They have a very low or flat profile resulting in no pile thus allowing fewer allergens to get stuck in the fibres. Flatweaves are easier to dust off well as the dirt and dust fall through the weaves rather than being stuck on to the surface. Overall it is highly recommended that you vacuum the rug once a week to eliminate any dust mites. Hemp fibre is naturally dust mite resistant and has anti-microbial properties.
  • Do I need an underlay for my rug?

    Yes if your rug is for a hard surface. A non-slip underlay will keep your rug in place and it also adds to the comfort of the rug.
  • ​Will furniture indent ruin the rug?

    Heavy furniture may cause indentation. Furniture caps and rotating your rug regularly will help to minimise this.
  • ​How do I clean my rug and how often?

    We recommend vacuuming your rug ideally twice a week. It is best to use a vacuum with a motorised head. For a rug with mud stains, it is usually best to allow it to dry and then gently brush if off, followed by thorough vacuuming. Do not high temperature steam cleaning as this can shrink or expand the rug fibres. Do not hose down a rug unless they are made of polyprop as the water will ruin the weave.
  • How do I clean spills and stains?

    It is best to attend to the spill or stain as quickly as possible to minimise the risk of permanent damage.

    For liquid spills: Place a paper towel over the spill and apply pressure to soak up as much liquid as possible. If the stain is still visible, repeat the process and if necessary moisten the affected area with water and mild detergent. After this remove all traces of the detergent and water by soaking up the fluids with a paper towel.

    Solids: First remove the solids taking care not to brush too harshly. Moisten the affected area with a diluted water and detergent and soak up this liquid with a paper towel.
  • Will the rug fade or change colour?

    All natural products and fibres will be affected in some way by the sun of even in high traffic areas. There is no hard and fast rule. Rotate your rugs to minimise this.
  • How long will the rug last?

    Proper maintenance will allow you to keep your Coppola Home rug for up to at least 5 years if used in a residential premises or in places with low traffic
  • Can I use my rug outside?

    Only outdoor can be used outside. Make sure to check with the store which rug are suitable and which ones are not.
  • ​How do I know if a rug with shed?

    All rugs shed initially. Any fibre that is spun (eg: wool, viscose, acrylic) will shed. These are the loose fibres within the rug which will decrease over time as you vacuum it more and more.
  • ​How do I stop my rug from curling upwards?

    Rugs curl initially due to the way they are packed. The curling will go down in time when the rug heats and cools while it is laid out.