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New York Light Beige Rug

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Light Beige
  • Light Beige

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Introducing the New York rug: a luxurious tapestry of opulence and modernity, inspired by the gleaming cityscape of this world icon. This rug captures the essence of New York's majestic skyline.

Crafted of 80% Banana Silk and 20% Cotton, this range is simple yet stunning. Banana silk is a natural fibre extracted from the stems of banana plants. It is a sustainable and eco-friendly material that has gained popularity in recent years as a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional silk. This material has a soft and smooth texture, similar to traditional silk, making it ideal for home furnishings, and with a luxurious sheen it adds a touch of elegance to the product. But it's not just about the look; banana silk is known for its strength and durability, making it an ideal material for rugs in high-traffic areas.

The high-quality construction of the New York rug is immediately obvious to the eye, and as good as it looks, it feels even better underfoot.

These rugs are a feat of craftmanship. They are first hand-tufted and then carefully embossed to enhance the design, and the materials ensure a unique combination of organic beauty and eco-friendly benefits. What's more, the classic durable pattern creates a subtle and sophisticated visual effect to add an additional element of style to your space.

The shimmering light beige and green colour options evoke the glimmering lights and radiance that illuminate the New York skyline, while accents created by the subtle lines of the rug pay homage to the sleek lines of the city's iconic skyscrapers.

Whether adorning the floors of a lavish penthouse suite, a chic bedroom, or a contemporary urban loft, the New York rug will transform any space into a sanctuary of luxury and refinement. Elevate your home decor with the elegance and grandeur of New York, captured in every thread of this exquisite and eco-friendly rug.

At Coppola Home, we bring a world to your feet. Bring the sleek and sophisticated excitement of the Big Apple to your home with the shimmering New York range.

Product Information

MATERIAL: 80% Banana Silk/ 20% Cotton
USE: Indoor

Care Instructions

Regular vacuuming. Vacuum your rug from different directions, making several passes over the area.

Caution: Jute rugs do not like getting wet, so do not place a rug with high moisture. Jute rugs are for indoor use; do not use them outdoors, as the weather and humidity can cause them to break down.

Jute rugs are relatively easy to maintain because dirt does not cling - they love a good sweep.

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Loving your Rug

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